While we are a new organization, we have just received approval for our inaugural project, from the Federal Government.  We didn't really expect to see something like this in our lifetime.... a Federal Department dedicated to providing information and resources to support our community, however are overjoyed and relieved to finally be included.  What are we doing and planning to offer for our first year?



Networking , build social connections, build capacity to support the creation of safe community spaces 

Gathering quality of life information about our community to learn from you how we can work to build services to improve your quality of life

Support the delivery of community identified and sanctioned supports and resources

Create safe pathways to safe spaces for both allies and resistors to access and then learn more about each other

Learning from people who are community members about how to improve supports and resources for people who are trans, people with intersex conditions or with people who have their own description of how they identify while working to find their place on the gender journey.

             If you would like to know more about this project, 

         click here for our one page Project Brief

Essies Place Project Brief