Welcome to Essies Place

Essies Place was created to honor someone, who knew only too well, what it was like to be unable to find safe spaces to be who she really was. She left us​ far too young and as a gay woman who hadn't​ fully experienced the feeling of being completely out and completely safe in her community . Her widow, who was born and raised in the Shuswap, and those who loved her, 

want to change that.


This is the first time any survey has been done in the history of the Shuswap Region to engage people from the LGBTIQ2+ people. Please complete PART 1, PART 2 and if you relate to PART 3, 

please share your experience as well !!


This is where we learn what region you live in, a bit about your gender and attractions and things you feel, we need to do, so we can all feel more equal in our communities.

Part 1 - General Information Survey


If you are interesting in helping us make things better for  the LGBTIQ2+ community please have your say here. We are asking people from the LGBTIQ2+ community for their  opinions and feedback on how to make things better for all off us!

Part 2 -WHO Quality of Life Survey


If you  identify trans, transgender, androgynous, she/her or him/his someone who has an intersex condition or a DSD , someone who doesnt like labels, but feels they dont identify as clearly female or clearly male, we so want to know what your experience has been like living in the Shuswap Region. 

Part 3 - Tailored to People who are Gender Diverse

Plain Language

We want to do whatever we can to support you....

to build the life you want, to find the freedom you need,  to be all of you!

Working Together, to Create Safe Spaces in Our Communities

We are an organization formed by people who have a lifetime of LGBTIQ2+ lived experience, as well as the knowledge, skills, background and experience to do this right.  We know what it is like to grow up during a time when being gay , out and proud was not ok in the Shuswap, as well as many other places in Canada.  We know for those who live it, it's still not ok in all the ways it should be. We want to support people from the LGBTIQ2+ community to make their lives better, no matter who you love or what direction your gender takes you in . Simply put.....

We think all of this diversity is simply magnificent ! 

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